Administrator Access

If you are a domain administrator or reseller, you can perform any function available to any individual email address under your control.   This includes removing blocks, white listing, black listing, statistics and tracing.

Account Blocks

Remove a block on your account. If your account has been compromised by a spammer and is blocked with the message, "HIGH BOUNCE RATE" you can remove the block here.

White Listing and Black Listing

Many methods are employed to reduce the amount of unsolicited email sent to our users.   Sometimes wanted email is blocked due to high spam rates from the sending mail server.   Somtimes the content of emails fit a spam profile, causing them to be blocked.   For example, references to certain kinds of pharmacuticals appear at high rates in spam.   White listing a sender email address (or domain name) will entirely bypass our spam filtering when it is addressed to you or your domain name.

Conversely, you may be getting email you don't want.   For example, some list operators add addresses to their lists, believing that an unsubscribe link is sufficient.   This kind of abuse should not be tolerated by anyone.


Although we can not confirm receipt by a specific individual, we can tell you whether the reveiving mail server has accepted an email.

Web Mail

Emergency access to web based email.   If email on your hosting server is not accessible to you for any reason, you can use webmail on this server temporarily.   An example would be when using a Wi-Fi hot spot which blocks the web mail port numbers (2096 and 2097) on your hosting server. All email sent to your account from outside (not accounts on your hosting server) is delivered on this server and held for 3 days.   This is done so that you can continue to use your account despite a problem.

Bounce Address Tag Validation

Any criminal can put your email address in the Reply-To or Return-To email headers. Many poorly configured email servers will accept spam email with forged headers, decide not to deliver it and then attempt to "return" it to you. Bounce address tagging fills in the Return-To address with an encrypted tag, replacing your email address with a unique tag. When email comes to you as a bounce, if the tag is unknown or not correct, it is refused. This saves you having to deal with a lot of bounces if some spammer has chosen to victimize you.

However, there are some ramifications to using BATV. Some systems look at the Return-To address instead of the From address for white listing and black listing. It may not be possible for some people to white list your address. Some systems use grey listing based on the Return-To address. Email to servers which do this will take longer to arrive - for every email.